Guoli MinshengEquity Investment Co., Ltd.

Was established on November 6, 2000

Company Overview

Guoli Minsheng Equity Investment Co., Ltd. (“Guoli Minsheng” or “Company”), formerly named Fujian Guoli Minsheng Technology Investment Co., Ltd., was established on November 6, 2000, with its scope of business covering equity investment in non-listed companies, subscription of non-publicly issued shares, and holding interest in listed company through stock rights assignment. With the focus on controlling interest investment, the company, through 15 years of development, has become a large-scale private holding group, with invested or controlled investees including A-share listed company Fujian Anjoy Foods Co., Ltd. (A share stock ticker:603345)and A-share listed company Addsino Co., Ltd. (A share stock ticker:000547)

Overview of Investee Companies

Fujian Anjoy Foods Co., Ltd.

A share stock ticker:603345

Guoli Minsheng is the controlling shareholder of A-share listed company Fujian Anjoy Foods Co., Ltd. Anjoy went public in Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 22nd 2017. (A share stock ticker: 603345) The size of the IPO is 54.01 million, giving Anjoy the market cap of 600 million RMB. This makes Anjoy the second public company trading in China’s main stock exchange in the frozen food industry, taking the largest market share in the surimi product sub-sector.

Company Overview:

FUJIAN ANJOY FOODS CO., LTD. was incorporated with a registered capital of RMB162.03 million in 2001. The company’s operations include the R&D, production, marketing and distribution of hotpot ingredients (mainly frozen pre-cooked fish/meat product) and frozen dim sum foods (e.g. buns/dumplings) Through over ten years of development, Anjoy has put in place of national marketing network centered on the East China region and become an influential well-known quick-frozen food producer in China with its production volume and sales revenue exceeding 200,000 tons and RMB 2 billion in recent years.

Most Popular Products:

Anjoy has development over 300 types of frozen fish, meat, rice and flour products and others – a diverse and wide array of innovative and high-quality products tailored for the needs of restaurants, cafes, quick-service dim sum shops and families. This enabled the company to reach out to various market segments and maintain customer loyalty.

Extensive Sales/Distribution Network:

The marketing centre of our Anjoy has 5 branch offices (Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen, Beijing ) and over 30 liaison offices across the major cities of China. As at 31 Dec 2015, the company has an extensive network of over 40,000 sales channels with 507 dealers and 3118 contracted shopping mall/supermarkets spanning across the country.

Company mission:

Adhering to the company mission of “carry forward Chinese Delicacies and convey health and joy”, obeying by the values of “responsibility, integrity, action and win-win”, acting by the concept of “The Food Matters All”, activated by the spirit of “do it now and do it right”, Anjoy is implementing by the strategy of “hotpot condiments supplemented by rice and wheat power products” and continuously improving its product quality, brand reputation and competitiveness.

Enhanced Brand Reputation:

As one of the first movers in the frozen food industry of China, Anjoy was recognised as China Well-known Trademark by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in October 2010. The only food manufacturer in Fujian province selected by the Science & Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the 2012 Pilot Industrial Enterprise for Branding development Anjoy’s frozen fish/meat and rice/flour products recognised as Xiamen Quality Brand by the Municipal Government of Xiamen.Company


Addsino Co., Ltd.

A share stock ticker: 000547

Addsino Co., Ltd, formerly known as China Scholars Group Co., Ltd, was a listed company held by GuoLiMinSheng. In 2015, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. (CASIC) formed a restructuring with China Scholars and renamed it to Addsino. This is a milestone for reform of state-owned enterprises like CASIC, which allows it to fully optimize its resource allocation. After reforming, GuoLiMinSheng remains as one of the major shareholders of Addsino. Addsino Co., Ltd is the 7th listed company under CASIC, with a registered capital of 1.43 billion RMB, and a total asset of 6 billion RMB. Its main business segment is based in the information technology field within the military/ civil-military integration industry. Subsidiary companies including NanJing ChangFeng Aerospace Electronics Co. Ltd, ChongQing JinMei Communication Co., Ltd, Beijing Allday Science and technology Co., Ltd, Fuzhou Fufa Generating Equipment Co. Ltd, etc, are the leader in each of its sector. With all its effort, Addsino has become one of the most important suppliers on national electronic warfare equipment, new materials and power generation equipment. In the future, on the basis of consolidating existing core business, strengthening development and production on its product/equipment range, Addinso will further improve its product mix, information technology capabilities, and strengthen technological innovation. Addinso will continuously improve its market share in the military industry, and actively explore in civilian areas such as equipment used in the reusable energy and environmental protection field.

We are familiar with the investment and business environment in each area.Invested enterprises all over the country

Meet the Team

  • Mr. Gaolu Zhang, General Partner

    Mr. Zhang has more than 15 years of experience in equity investment business, in both private and public sector. He served as the Chairman of China Scholar Group Co., Ltd. among other executive roles. Mr. Zhang plays a key part in building investment strategies and steering operations while creating crucial collaborative relationships with government and private offices.

    Dr. Yongzhuang Bian, Chief Advisor

    Dr. Bian acquired his doctoral degree in Economics from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and studied at University of Oxford in 1987. He is one of the few serial award winning economists who received the prestigious “Sun Yefang Economist Award”. Prior to 2003, Dr. Bian served as the chief research director of Institute of Finance and Trade at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In addition to his extraordinary academic accomplishments, Dr. Bian also has amble industrial experiences. He is adept at financial management of domestic and foreign companies, capital operation and risk control. He was the general manager of Wuxi Jiangnan Industrial Co., Limited, and subsequently director of Daheng New Era Co., Limited. With years of experiences in investment management and capital operation, he played a role in building China Affinity Fund and China Aerospace Industry Fund, and led the mergers, listing and restructuring of many state-owned enterprises.

    Mr.Marzak Lee, Managing Director—Global Investment

    Marzak has over 8 years of experience in equity investment and international M&A. He has served as the vice president then executive director at United Overseas Bank Investment Management Co. for 5 years. Prior to repatriation to China, Mr. Li worked and studied in North America, Europe, and other countries in Asia for 15 years. He received his Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Canada and Master’s degree from Stanford University. Mr. Li worked in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles for 7 years in advanced automotive development and business management for various renowned multinational companies.

  • Mr. Ivan Dai, Vice President—Global Investment

    Mr. Ivan Dai received his Bachelor of Science Degree of Management Science in University of California, and he got his Master of Business Administration in California State Polytechnic University. After graduation, he took the position of President of S/H Holdings, LLC in California from Feb 2009 to June 2010, and then he moved to France, working as Regional Account Manager in Howden BC Compressors from August 2011 to June 2015.